HOPENCLO is a brand new reality born in 2023 from the acquisition of the retail concept Hopen into the Daniel Fashion Group portfolio, joining Portali store in Imola and Maison Clo in San Marino.

Since 1981 Daniel Group is a company in constant evolution. 

The business began in Florence with Leonardo Cloetta who started the production of bags and small leather goods for the most prestigious world luxury brands and subsequently created his own brand Michel Clo. 

Thanks to the entry in the company of his son Daniele, the new retail adventure began with the acquisition of Portali store in Imola in 2010 and Maison Clo in the Republic of San Marino in 2021.

The merge of Hopen store in this scenery, is the chance to build a new and ambitious project creating a strong link between the stores and developing a rebranding which unifies and represents all the group’s locations from this moment onwards with the aim to create a new retail concept with a relevant brand mix of advanced-contemporary designers and high-end fashion cornerstones.